Associate Youth Director



The Associate Youth Director will serve with student ministry team in leading, planning, coordinating and promoting the student ministry at LifeChurch.  The Associate Youth Director will lead in aspects of ministry related to students knowing and experiencing God together, growing in depth of faith and going into the world to make an eternal impact.  This is a full-time position requiring 40-50 hours per week of paid labor and 3-5 hours per week of volunteer work within the church reporting directly to the Youth Director.


Character is, by far, the most important aspect of leadership.  We are a ministry focused on being disciples and making disciples out of our love for God and love for others. Our staff must model this approach to living before we can encourage others to do the same. With this concern in mind, we are committed to providing a ministry in which our students and others can see living examples of a Christ-like life. Not perfect but pursuing.  Because this is essential to this ministry, we ask our leaders to commit to the following:

1. Living a life devoted to the Lord and pursuing humility, holiness, and godliness.

2. Attending and participating in weekly worship, Bible studies and other practices to grow in Christ-likeness.

3. Committing to our church body for fellowship.

4. Pursuing a lifestyle that continually points to Jesus Christ.

5. Seeking unity with Christ, the mission of LifeChurch, the staff and members of LifeChurch.

Goals and Growth:

·         Care for your own relationship with Christ.

·         A daily time with God.

·         Meet weekly with the supervising staff members either in one-on-ones or in a staff environment.

·         Participate in annual youth ministry training and planning conference.

·         Taking care of your physical and financial health.

·         Setting annual personal and ministry goals.


·         Recruit, care for, equip and train small group volunteers.  We strongly believe that our volunteers are the “front line” care givers in God’s Kingdom.

·         Lead, preach and assist as part of a team at the mid-week worship experience called 621.

·         Lead, teach and execute The Mix, our weekend program for all services in partnership with the student ministry team and volunteers.

·         Plan and execute our student service program called GEARED.

·         Plan and execute summer camps, programs and student summer mission trips annually.

·         Plan and execute an annual high school and middle school retreat.

·         Plan and execute special events such as concerts and missions whenever possible.

To express an interest in this position please send a resume highlighting the above qualifications with your last name included in the title of that document to